Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I have a super-power

I realise I am probably jinxing this and will think back to this post when I am shivering under my duvet whilst shaking my fist at my computer, but... I hardly ever get sick. Not things like coughs and colds and tummy bugs anyway - lord knows why, I am hardly the healthiest of specimens in general terms, but that's just how it is.

Very possibly, this may be due to my slight addiction to effervescent energy tablets - you know, the ones that you plink-plonk into a glass of water and they fizz away, promising every vitamin under the sun. Those.

My current favourite fizzy tabs are the Boots Re-Energise effervescent tablets (which closely resemble these Berocca ones). At first I didn't much like the yeasty taste that things with vitamin B12 always seem to have, but the penny-pinching skinflint in me made me swallow them down day after day and now I find I've grown rather partial to the taste. The overriding flavour though is orange - every one likes orange, don't they? I think there's also a berry flavoured one but I find anything labelled as 'berry' flavour more often than not tastes of room freshener - orangey is always a much safer bet.

Maybe it's the fizzy tablets providing me with his minor super-power to repel the common-cold - or maybe it's radiation from my leaky microwave. All I know is I daren't stop taking them now (and besides, they make a convenient and refreshing beverage).

In short: 9/10 (but avoid if you hate that yeasty vitamin B flavour).

PS - I have literally just sneezed three times after writing this. Bloody typical! ;)


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