Thursday, 2 February 2012

Soap & Glory - Hand Food

"The most astonishing hand cream ever" - that's the claim of Soap & Glory's Hand Food. Then it gets bossy; "You decide!"

Well, I've decided that for the price category this is in (that would be 'cheap') then yes, it is pretty astonishing, actually! It's non-greasy quality is a major selling point, I mean, who would want greasy, slippery hands by choice? (OK, better not answer that one). It makes your hand feel very and soft and baby's-bottom-like after you've used it too, so it's definitely ticking all the boxes needed for an astonishing hand cream.

I would say the scent is a little over-powering - it's a nice enough smell but when I am apply this at my desk at work, everyone nearby knows.

The large one (125ml) costs £4.85 and there's a little 50ml one for £2.35 which is a great size for keeping in your hand-bag for those hand-moisturizing emergencies.

In short: 9/10 - I love it!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I have a super-power

I realise I am probably jinxing this and will think back to this post when I am shivering under my duvet whilst shaking my fist at my computer, but... I hardly ever get sick. Not things like coughs and colds and tummy bugs anyway - lord knows why, I am hardly the healthiest of specimens in general terms, but that's just how it is.

Very possibly, this may be due to my slight addiction to effervescent energy tablets - you know, the ones that you plink-plonk into a glass of water and they fizz away, promising every vitamin under the sun. Those.

My current favourite fizzy tabs are the Boots Re-Energise effervescent tablets (which closely resemble these Berocca ones). At first I didn't much like the yeasty taste that things with vitamin B12 always seem to have, but the penny-pinching skinflint in me made me swallow them down day after day and now I find I've grown rather partial to the taste. The overriding flavour though is orange - every one likes orange, don't they? I think there's also a berry flavoured one but I find anything labelled as 'berry' flavour more often than not tastes of room freshener - orangey is always a much safer bet.

Maybe it's the fizzy tablets providing me with his minor super-power to repel the common-cold - or maybe it's radiation from my leaky microwave. All I know is I daren't stop taking them now (and besides, they make a convenient and refreshing beverage).

In short: 9/10 (but avoid if you hate that yeasty vitamin B flavour).

PS - I have literally just sneezed three times after writing this. Bloody typical! ;)


Monday, 30 January 2012

'Hope In A Jar' by Philosophy

I was in Boots recently with lots of points on my loyalty card burning a hole in my pocket and (hence) a spring in my step. When I 'spend' my points I like to get something that's a proper treat rather than something I would have purchased anyway, so with this in mind I was drawn to the Philosophy counter (virgin territory for me) and decided to try their flagship product - Hope In A Jar (for all skin types) 60ml for £34.

The smell is a cross between the lime-jelly pudding we used to have for school dinners (flourescent green and trying to be citrus-flavoured but more reminiscent of something found at Chernobyl after the big spill of '86). Yes, that and bleach. Nice!

I suspect this scent is a by-product of the essential ingredients (namely the lactic acid which is created with fermented milk) rather than any real desire to make people feel physically sick - and as these ingredients work remarkably well then the smell is certainly something I am willing to live with. I would suggest trying a sample in the shop; apply it directly under your nose and see how you feel about the whiffiness before purchasing. You can also buy a smaller 15ml jar (a quarter of the size) for £10 - this might be the way to go if you're still a little apprehensive.

I'm worried now that my banging on about the smell has put you off Hope In A Jar, so let me also say that it is by far and away the most instantly transforming face moisturizer I have ever used. Ever! Immediately your face feels re-textured and smooth and gorgeous - make-up glides on effortlessly and stays put (so it saves you money on a primer too). It really does give you hope that you face won't tranform into a chamois leather by your next birthday.

I've been using this product as a night cream as well as a day cream - I tend to put it on a little more thickly before I go to bed. It's really quite amazing how gorgeously perfect and smooth your skin feels in the morning. I know you shouldn't touch your face too much but it's really hard not to when it feels this good!

As the name suggests, this product is in a jar - I normally prefer a tube (more hygenic) but this isn't a deal-breaker, I am still loving it (plus 'Hope In A Squeezy Tube' doesn't sound as good).

  • Instantly transforms your skin making it feel smooth and soft like no other cream I have tried.
  • It works well as primer before applying make-up and is rich enough to use as a night cream as well.

  • It seems expensive at first but when you calculate in that you won't need a primer or a separate night cream it works out pretty reasonably priced.
  • Oh, that smell!

Tip - if you really want to use this but are worried the smell might be too much for you, try leaving it from the area of skin directly under your nose and use something equally strongly-scented (but nicer) instead (I've done this before and used my Neal's Yard Rose Facial Oil, which is yummy).

In short: 8/10 definitely give this a go if it's within your budget (with a caveat that you really need to smell it before buying).


Sunday, 29 January 2012

What's this all about, then?

I really wanted a space where I could share my thoughts and opinions on all this to do with fashion and beauty as well as weight loss and nutrition... so here I am!

I feel I should point out that I am in no way a 'professional' in any of the above mentioned areas, I have however been on a diet and applying make-up since I was 12, so hopefully 30-years of experience will mean I can offer some good advice.

I'm going to start a YouTube channel too! Well, I might, I'm not sure yet. If we had 40-hour days like I have been campaigning for then definitely, yes. More of something or other soon though. Can't wait to get started!