Monday, 30 January 2012

'Hope In A Jar' by Philosophy

I was in Boots recently with lots of points on my loyalty card burning a hole in my pocket and (hence) a spring in my step. When I 'spend' my points I like to get something that's a proper treat rather than something I would have purchased anyway, so with this in mind I was drawn to the Philosophy counter (virgin territory for me) and decided to try their flagship product - Hope In A Jar (for all skin types) 60ml for £34.

The smell is a cross between the lime-jelly pudding we used to have for school dinners (flourescent green and trying to be citrus-flavoured but more reminiscent of something found at Chernobyl after the big spill of '86). Yes, that and bleach. Nice!

I suspect this scent is a by-product of the essential ingredients (namely the lactic acid which is created with fermented milk) rather than any real desire to make people feel physically sick - and as these ingredients work remarkably well then the smell is certainly something I am willing to live with. I would suggest trying a sample in the shop; apply it directly under your nose and see how you feel about the whiffiness before purchasing. You can also buy a smaller 15ml jar (a quarter of the size) for £10 - this might be the way to go if you're still a little apprehensive.

I'm worried now that my banging on about the smell has put you off Hope In A Jar, so let me also say that it is by far and away the most instantly transforming face moisturizer I have ever used. Ever! Immediately your face feels re-textured and smooth and gorgeous - make-up glides on effortlessly and stays put (so it saves you money on a primer too). It really does give you hope that you face won't tranform into a chamois leather by your next birthday.

I've been using this product as a night cream as well as a day cream - I tend to put it on a little more thickly before I go to bed. It's really quite amazing how gorgeously perfect and smooth your skin feels in the morning. I know you shouldn't touch your face too much but it's really hard not to when it feels this good!

As the name suggests, this product is in a jar - I normally prefer a tube (more hygenic) but this isn't a deal-breaker, I am still loving it (plus 'Hope In A Squeezy Tube' doesn't sound as good).

  • Instantly transforms your skin making it feel smooth and soft like no other cream I have tried.
  • It works well as primer before applying make-up and is rich enough to use as a night cream as well.

  • It seems expensive at first but when you calculate in that you won't need a primer or a separate night cream it works out pretty reasonably priced.
  • Oh, that smell!

Tip - if you really want to use this but are worried the smell might be too much for you, try leaving it from the area of skin directly under your nose and use something equally strongly-scented (but nicer) instead (I've done this before and used my Neal's Yard Rose Facial Oil, which is yummy).

In short: 8/10 definitely give this a go if it's within your budget (with a caveat that you really need to smell it before buying).



  1. Thanks for this great review. I've been interested in Philosophy's products for a long time but am so stuck on Liz Earle's stuff. I'll save up my points and give this a go I think! I love that slightly nuclear sounding smell! I know exactly what you mean from the way you describe it! xxx

    1. Thanks for my very first comment! :D
      It's a good job this cream is effective as there's no way it would win any prizes for the smell - definitely worth it though, I would say.

  2. Great. Because I really needed another blog to be addicted to. Thanks.

    1. Bit by bit I will take over all your spare time <>

    2. It's not my spare time I'm worried about. You're welcome to my spare time. It's the rest of the time I'm worried about ;-)

  3. Technology. I slays me. I can only comment if I sign in to Google. But when I do, it ignores all the information Google has about me and posts the comment under the name "About Me". My maiden name, of course, was "About You". But my friends call me Cass. Hi!

    1. Hi Cass!
      Hahaha, that's hilarious - I rather like the name 'About Me' - people could call you 'Abbi' or 'Mimi' for short. :D

  4. This sounds really great! I think I need to buy it! haha, thanks!