Thursday, 2 February 2012

Soap & Glory - Hand Food

"The most astonishing hand cream ever" - that's the claim of Soap & Glory's Hand Food. Then it gets bossy; "You decide!"

Well, I've decided that for the price category this is in (that would be 'cheap') then yes, it is pretty astonishing, actually! It's non-greasy quality is a major selling point, I mean, who would want greasy, slippery hands by choice? (OK, better not answer that one). It makes your hand feel very and soft and baby's-bottom-like after you've used it too, so it's definitely ticking all the boxes needed for an astonishing hand cream.

I would say the scent is a little over-powering - it's a nice enough smell but when I am apply this at my desk at work, everyone nearby knows.

The large one (125ml) costs £4.85 and there's a little 50ml one for £2.35 which is a great size for keeping in your hand-bag for those hand-moisturizing emergencies.

In short: 9/10 - I love it!

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